David Hunter - Gold Investors Should Avoid Making This Mistake

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Interview with David Hunter, a Contrarian Macro Strategist

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0:00 - Introduction
0:24 - anno 1973: David's Background & Experience
3:59 - Contrarian Views of the Present Situation
5:54 - Understanding Markets: Bull, Bear, Secular
9:24 - Involvement of Governments: Organic VS Tempered Market
12:37 - Evolvement & Change, "Nothing for the Better"?
15:44 - Means for Analysis: Studying Psychology & Behaviour
20:33 - Social Media & "Fake News" in Investing
25:41 - Views on the Future for Precious Metals
40:48 - Considerations for EVs & Battery Metals Spaces
44:24 - Geopolitical Frictions

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