Dijon Kizzee Shooting - Dijon Kizzee Killed In LA - Dijon Kizzee Code Violation Stop Lead To Shots

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Dijon Kizzee has been identified from my understanding by the family as being the one that was shot in LA. The Dijon Kizzee Shooting was over code violations while riding his bicycle.

The police claim he punched an officer, dropped some clothes showing a gun, and then police fired once they saw he dropped a gun. Multiple reports state the body was left uncovered for hours.

This is the type of shooting that Donald Trump has called similar to choking at a golf tournament.

The shooting occurred about 3:15 near West 109th Place and SouthBudlong Avenue, according to sheriff's Deputy Juanita Navarro-Suarez.

The 2020 election matters be sure to vote.

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