Evolution Of SPECIAL MOVES In Super Smash Bros (Melee Newcomers)

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Watch how much every character's Special Moves has changed over the years in the Super Smash Bros Series from Smash Bros Melee to Smash Bros Brawl, Smash Bros Wii U & 3DS and Smash Bros Ultimate. This video is for the Melee Stay tune for the Sequel!

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Timestamps / Songs
0:06 Bowser | King Bowser - SMB3 (Ultimate)
1:10 Princess Peach | Ground Theme - SMB 2 (Ultimate)
2:04 Ganondorf | Calamity Ganon Battle (Ultimate)
3:17 Falco | Star Fox Medley (Ultimate)
4:08 Princess Zelda | Lorule Main Theme (Ultimate)
5:10 Sheik | Gerudo Valley [Remix] (Ultimate)
6:10 Mr. Game & Watch | Polygons Are Inaccurate
7:16 Marth | Fire Emblem (Melee)
7:58 Ice Climbers | Ice Climber (Melee)
8:31 Mewtwo | Pokemon Stadium (Melee)
9:13 Roy | Attack - Fire Emblem (Ultimate)
9:58 Dr. Mario | Fever (Ultimate)
10:36 Young Link | Saria's Theme (Ultimate)
11:09 Pichu | Battle Team Galactic (Ultimate)


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