(Fake) Sword Art Online Movie Trailer

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Based on the light novel series by Reki Kawahara.
The anime falls woefully short of the brilliant potential of the novel I think (hence it's rather dubious reputation) but the concept is so strong I'd love to see a decent film made about it. I also reimagined Sword Art Online with a more an Eastern fantasy sensibility instead of a generic Western fantasy look for the sake of variety.
The music is Superhuman by Vertigo.
Imagine: a massive multiplayer roleplaying game that one day prevents any player from leaving the game. You die in the game, you are killed in reality. The only way out is to win the final unassailable boss. Suddenly player killers are actual murderers, Beta Players are considered insiders and traitors, experience and loot is a matter of life and death, and an entire world needs to pull together or perish alone.
I used the following clips: Assassin in Red, Legend of the Ancient Sword, Samurai Marathon, Shadow, The Monkey King series, The Thousand Faces of Dungia, Brotherhood of Blades series, Sword Master, Mulan (live action), Fatal Journey, Memories of the Sword, Along with the Gods, The Four, White Haired Witch, Snow Girl and The Dark Crystal, Sword Art Online English Dub trailer, Ready Player One, Oculus Rift trailer, Kingsglaive Final Fantasy XV, The Sorcerer and the White Snake, League of Gods, Warrior's Gate, The Iron Mask, The Call Up, The Social Dilemma, Bloodshot, Jumanji 2 series, Playstation 5 trailer, Wrath of the Titans, Transference E3 trailer live action.
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