GoPro HERO9: POV Summer - Max Lens Mod [4K]

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Everything in this video was shot on the new GoPro HERO9 with Max Lens Mod attached. Max Lens Mod is a wide angle lens attachment that enables wider field of view, better stabilization, and horizon lock - which makes it so you can mount or rotate the camera any direction and the shot will remain upright!

Max Lens Mod is my go-to for immersive POV type shots, as you'll see in this video! Everything here was shot without any gimbals, and without any post-stabilization. Most of the shots were filmed in 4:3. I edited in Adobe Premiere Pro, and used the GoPro FX Reframe plugin to add lens correction and reframe the 4:3 clips to the timeline. I edited in a 4K timeline to ensure high quality! Color correction was done in Davinci Resolve.

I am aware Max Lens Mod is hard to get right now, GoPro is releasing more units about twice a week to the website.

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