GoPro Light Mod Review: Full tests, specs, usage

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Full review with sample images:

Here's your complete look at the GoPro Light Mod, the standalone $49 light accessory with a cold shoe adapter on the bottom of it, as well as a standard GoPro adapter. The specs are as follows:

Level 1: Low brightness – 20 lumens (6hrs battery life)
Level 2: Medium brightness – 60 lumens (2hrs battery life)
Level 3: High brightness – 125 lumens (1hr battery life)
Level 4: ‘Overdrive Mode’ – 200 lumens for up to 30 seconds at a time
Strobe: Crazy blinking strobe action

And again, if you want a complete review of sample images and such, hit up the written review here:

The $25 other light:
GoPro Light Mod: [Link coming soon]
(links helps support channel, thanks!!!)


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