Green Witch Tips and Tricks | All about being a green witch for beginners

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Today I have some green witch tips and tricks for you. We will be talking about how to know if you are a green witch - or, better phrased, how to know if green witchcraft practices suit your lifestyle and witch-style. In this video, you will find a lot of background knowledge around being a green witch for beginners and maybe even the advanced practitioner. Furthermore, we will look into how green witchcraft can be worked, speak about herbalism and plant spirit, and of course discuss how magickal correspondences for herbs and plants come are developed. Are you a green witch too? Do you practice with herbs, plants, trees, and fungi? And what is your preferred method to do so? :)

How to be a green witch
00:00 intro
01:00 What is green witchcraft
02:30 Working with plant spirit
05:31 Herbalism in green witchcraft
07:54 Magick correspondences of herbs and plants and how do they develop
13:18 How to do magick as a green witch
17:41 Green witch tips and tricks

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