GTA Online - 3x GTA$ and RP on Power Play (Earn Easy Money!)

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Played 2 rounds and the reward is good for playing for such short amount of time!
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More this week:- Classic Adversary Mode Power Play is paying out 3X GTA$ & RP this week, offering all participants the chance to win big in a turbocharged TDM for the ages. Use cutting-edge weaponry and devastating power-ups to crush the opposition across a variety of maps – including the USS Luxington and the Chiliad Missile Silo – to bring home a handsome sum for participating in the bloodbath.

If you’re looking to diversify your paydays, CEOs should check their Warehouse stock levels and consider offloading some contraband - all Special Cargo Sales are doubled for the next seven days. You’ll also find discounts on all Large Special Cargo Warehouses, making it prime time to start your stockpile or upgrade your existing setup.

Speed-freaks will be happy to hear that they can also earn triple rewards for successfully completing this week’s End to End Time Trial and Cypress Flats RC Time Trial. That’s a potential pull-down of over GTA$600K for hitting par time on both, so head to the purple icons on your map to get started. If you need a helping hand shaving a few seconds off, check out these handy video guides from GTA Series Videos for End to End and Cypress Flats.

Grand Theft Auto V Online PC Gameplay
Xbox - PS4

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