How Amazing It Is to Have Access to Each Other | {THE AND} #ConnectingApart

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Have more meaningful conversations with {THE AND} relationship card game:

Every week we focus on connecting people—in various types of relationships all around the world—as part of our greater ambition to encourage and explore human connection. As the current state of the world shifts every day, we wanted to give you a real-time glimpse into our week of connections.

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We'd like to thank everyone for participating openly & vulnerably in our project. We appreciate what they've shared with us and hope you do as well.

{THE AND} Online is a digital extension of our Emmy-Award winning documentary experience, {THE AND}. Our purpose at THE SKIN DEEP is to create digital doses of humanity by exploring the nuances of human connection and experience. During a time of COVID-19– where our safety requires us to distance ourselves from each other– we feel it’s crucial to stay in touch with what makes us human, to learn from our connections, and to support one another.⁠

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How Amazing It Is to Have Access to Each Other | {THE AND} #ConnectingApart
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