How To Completely Remaster New Vegas With Only 20 Mods - Lazy Mod List 2020

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One may not always have time to invest into heavy-modded game preparations - and in such case, this video will be more than useful to you. How to get the most graphics & gameplay coverage, add most content and improvements with minimum amount of mods? "Lazy" mod list for awesome and truly remastered Fallout: New Vegas in 2020 is here!

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Q: Do you have a general modding guide/tutorial about how to make & keep game 100% stable?
A: My guide is at your service. 20, 200 or 500 mods - stable game and high fps:

Q: What PC specs are needed to run this whole mod list with ENB?
A: Not such a NASA PC as you may think! GTX 960/1050ti, i5 6600, 12GB+ RAM. If your specs are +/- close to these, you can run literally the same graphics setup on 1080p at 60 fps. If you have low-end rig - just skip ENB and choose performance version of textures mods, this is also covered in the instruction for this mod list.

===== MOD LIST =====
With instructions and everything needed, enjoy :) Short/regular link:

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===== MUSIC =====
Jingle, Jangle, Jingle, written by Frank Loesser, Joseph J. Lilley and singed by Harry Babbitt, Julie Conway:

Fallout New Vegas - Goodsprings Day Music:

Fallout 3 - Main Theme, by Inon Zur:

Kevin MacLeod - Hard Boiled:

Music by Pedro - Swing Time:

Fallout New Vegas - Doc Mitchell Theme:

Fallout New Vegas - Main Theme, by Inon Zur:

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