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Learn how to navigate your iPhone X or later a pro. Use gestures to switch between apps, open Control Center, and view your notifications. See how to take a screenshot, use Siri and Emergency SOS, and force restart, should you ever need to.

Topics Covered:
0:11 To turn on iPhone
0:28 To move between apps
0:42 To force close an app
0:55 To get back to Home screen
1:10 To cycle through apps
1:26 To go to Control Center
1:38 To see notifications
1:56 To search for something
2:09 To use Siri
2:33 To take a screenshot
2:57 To buy something using Apple Pay
3:11 To put iPhone to sleep or wake it up
3:24 To call emergency services
3:52 To force restart iPhone
4:07 To turn off iPhone

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