How to tell the difference between the iPhone 4S & iPhone 4

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This video is to help out those who are going to buy the iPhone 4S through eBay or Craigslist. Hopefully this video will help you out in some way.

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Through iOS5
- The iPhone 4S has Siri which is an exclusive feature only for the iPhone 4S

Through the design
- The iPhone 4S has a model number of: A1387 while the iPhone 4 has a model number of: A1332
- The iPhone 4S has 4 antenna breaks while the iPhone 4 GSM Model has 3.
- So the iPhone 4S MUST NOT have a antenna break on top of the phone and MUST have a antenna break above the vibrate switch and on the top right side of the phone.
- The iPhone 4S has the same antenna band as the iPhone 4 CDMA version but the iPhone 4S has a Micro SIM Card Slot
- So if the iPhone 4S DOES NOT HAVE a Micro SIM Card slot, then its NOT an iPhone 4S
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