iPhone SE 2 (iPhone 9) - New Date 2020

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The popular iPhone, which from time immemorial has been talked about and written very different, this spring was supposed to be the main event. It’s popular for a simple reason: Apple has never even hinted at it. When the media discussed iPhone SE 2, when it was popularly renamed iPhone 9, when it came up and approved its specifications (we know more about it than some of Apple's products for sale), all this was folk art. Sources sometimes referred to intercepted and decrypted workflow locations between Taiwanese companies and their Chinese factories, sometimes simply reported. But on March 18, he was not among the new products.
Owners of the iPhone 8 Plus will be happy!
The only confirmation of its existence is the mention of two iPhone SE 2 models (iPhone 9) in the resources obtained by electronic editions of MacRumors and 9to5Mac copy of iOS14. But what exactly does this mention look like in plist files has not become public. And besides, the mysterious devices mentioned in the bowels of the beta versions of previous systems, for example, Apple TV, easily and without any comments from Apple disappeared. Apparently, they worked with their prototypes - but not everything Apple is working on is being released.
And we are so accustomed to this “fact”: that in March or April, Apple will introduce the public iPhone SE 2 (iPhone 9). At the end of January, news about this device reached a new level: according to another source, in February mass production of iPhone SE 2 (iPhone 9) was supposed to begin in factories in China. Not confirmed. At the end of February, it was reported that the iPhone 9 and another modification of it “are undergoing final testing”. March 22, it became known that mass production of the iPhone 9 began on March 19. Immediately two of his models.
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