PARKOUR MOD, KEY BLADES & BLIZZARDS!!! | Minecraft - Favorite Mods of the Week [#3]

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Hello everyone and welcome back too Favorite Mods of the Week, in today's Mods of the Week we look at a classic mod finally updated, check out some amazing smaller mods and dive into a huge Kingdom Hearts themed mod with tons of weapons and gui So now as always, sit back, relax and "hopefully" enjoy the video!!!

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Dynamic Surroundings:
Smart Moving:
Kingdom Hearts Mod:
Better Weather:
Seamless Loading:
Farts Mod:

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--- Time Stamps ---
Intro: 00:00
Smart Moving: 00:28
Dynamic Surroundings: 02:11
Farts Mod: 04:41
Better Weather: 06:13
Seamless Loading: 08:35
Kingdom Hearts Mod: 10:36
Outro: 14:10

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