Race Bike of The Year WINNER | Cannondale SystemSix Hi-Mod

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Our Race Bike of the Year 2019 is super-fast, comfortable and a lot of fun to ride, and Cannondale claims its new SystemSix is the fastest bike in the world. Now that’s a hard statement to prove or disprove, but in a recent independent test it did have the lowest drag figures in the wind tunnel (203w) compared to the Cervélo S5 (206w), Ridley Noah Fast (213w), Specialized Venge (208w) and Trek Madone (212w).

Drag figures aren’t the be-all and end-all though. The way a bike handles and rides over a variety of surfaces and gradients, and in different conditions, has a major influence on overall speed averages. So an aero bike needs to find a balance between beating the wind, the conditions and the terrain without beating you up in the process.

This SystemSix was in development for more than three and a half years. If, like us, you’ve always thought of an aero road bike as a pro-only tool, then it’s worth noting that, according to Cannondale’s antipodean aero-guru Nathan Barry, at faster than 15kph / half of the resistance acting on a rider is air, so we should all benefit from superior aerodynamics.

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