She said she wanted to paint on her birthday… and we did just that.????❤️

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Painting upside down on the AERIAL HAMMOCK with Jordan.

Mom surprises daughter with a memorable painting on her birthday…❤️????
The McFive Circus | Jordan and Mommy

Today's is Jordan's 9th birthday. She told me that for her birthday she wanted to paint with me but she didn't expect this. I thought it would be fun to try aerial hammock painting for the first time. It felt like the @Disney movie Tangled!! We got our canvas, paints and brushes then started to spin. From there the canvas recorded our motion. We started circus during the pandemic and I felt like there was so better way to remember her birthday but to paint upside down. I'm sure we will look at this in the future and smile. This was such a memorable moment we shared together.

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