Simple Practice Tricks That BOOST Your Technique

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Table of Contents:
0:00 Intro
0:31 The key
1:42 Importance of fundamentals
2:35 Screw F#
3:07 Playing at natural speed without a met
4:02 Finding and setting a goal
5:41 Practice Tip No. 1 Doubt-Clearing
7:43 Practice Tip No. 2 Long-Short
9:31 No. 2 Inverted (Short-Long)
10:37 Practice Tip No. 3 Dotted Eights and Sixteenths
12:29 No. 3 Inverted
13:32 Why do all of this?
13:47 Practice Tip No. 4 Grouping notes in 3
17:01 Practice Tip No. 5 Grouping notes in 4
18:14 Moment of truth
18:55 Reaching the goal
19:16 Outro
19:53 Ritual

You can literally play anything you want. It's just all about practicing effectively. Repetitions can be like beating a dead horse, so it is good to mix it up here and there. Super slow practice, rhythm exercises, note groupings and the use of the metronome are key. It's never too late or early to work on fundamentals, either! By the way, the guys at UM can PLAY. Good god. I've already learned so much and I've only had 2 days of class. Can't wait to see what the rest of the year brings.

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lol jk


ur pretty far down here bro

or sis

or other

free country over here

wow you're really deep now

it's 6:57 am

I have class at 11:15 am wtf am i doing

i haven't gone to bed

these youtube videos consume my sleeping habits

i was doing so good too :/ rip sleep

its ok i'll get back in there

hey man/woman i feel like we are getting really close

you're so far down here

want to play some Smash Bros?


well all right

at least i offered :/

know what's weird?

i have a reddit called saxologicYT

literally all i post on there are stereoscopic images i take on my phone

do you know what a stereoscopic image is?

if you don't, you really should!

basically, they are images you can view in 3D without the use of any sort of eyewear

all you need are your eyes (and your personal glasses if ur blind like me)

reddit is so weird though

i just post for fun and then bang you have people acting like they are a 5 star critic that do it for a living

reddit culture is a no from me dawg

who knows though; watch me be heavy in there within a month, doing the same thing lol

hey i gotta get off now. i'm gonna try to get SOME sleep

i'm a little worried because what if i don't hear my alarm? i am a very heavy sleeper

i'm literally gonna put an hour's worth of alarms back to back to back to back

i will NOT miss class

i spent 560 on a parking pass. big rip dude. bank account is hurting

but it's worth it

good music education is always worth it

i can't get enough of it

i can get enough of writing papers though sheesh or learning about atonal theory. that is the literal worst.

lmao before i go i have to tell u:

i was walking across campus and talked to a super talented tenor sax playing freshman

and he told me he heard a basson player outside playing the mario kart lick

idk why that is so funny to me. what have i done to society? i am sorry everyone. you must bear the consequences because of me. oops!

see u later fellow reader thanks for making it this far wow ur incredible!
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