Skyrim Mod - A Magic Masterpiece - Arcanum Showcase (PC | XBOX)

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A massive showcase for the most massive, innovative and simply epic spell mod you've seen in last couple of years - Arcanum - The New Age of Magic.
Made by talented Kosorsomesaykosm, Arcanum introduces around 200 new spells for Destruction, Restoration and Illusion (for now, Conjuration incoming) - where each spell is not just "do X damage and be with it" yet a dynamic, often situational but always epic looking and useful for various character builds - not only for pure mages, but for warriors, spellswords, rogues and almost any archtype existing.
Video presents 31 spells from all 3 currently available magic schools, for the latest mod version.
Mod is available for Skyrim LE, Skyrim SE and for XBOX One as well.
Enjoy :3

===== MOD LINK =====
Arcanum - A New Age of Magic:

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Vindsvept - Collision:

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Dat ENB preset used -
Deeze first person spellcasting animations -
Deeze armor mods used - , , and BDO armor pack.
Dat tree mods setup - , ,
Dat grass mod -

Q: Which game version it is in your video?
A: It's Skyrim LE (original Skyrim, not the Special Edition). Skyrim LE is better for modding (better ENB visuals for graphics, more gameplay mods, better stability and no game-breaking CC updates).

Q: What PC specs are needed to run same/similar mod list?
A: Not such a NASA PC as you may think! GTX 980/1070, i5 6600, 12GB+ RAM. If your specs are +/- close to these, you can run literally the same graphics setup on 1080p at 60 fps. Just follow my guide linked above, and you'll be perfectly fine :)

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