TIME CRASH - Trailer

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Song : Celestial - Heuse

Time is about to crash! It’s up to you to save the city!
Time Crash is a 60 FPS First Person Runner with parkour and time bending abilities!

Time Crash features:

- Intuitive parkour gameplay
- Unique time bending mechanics
- Surprising combat sequences
- An insane 60fps 3D experience on your phone
- 15 Hand crafted levels in Story mode
- A new unique level every day
- A frenetic scoring endless mode
- A punchy 14 titles EDM original soundtrack
- New outfits and agents to unlock

You’ll need to stay sharp and focus to go through tons of rooms full of dangerous obstacles.
Slide under desks, vault over fences, dash between skyscrapers, jump on small construction platforms, run on big billboards… Every move is simple to make, but the timing is key.
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