War Jx2 Khmer Online Private Server Top 1 Play For Fun Sabay Sabay

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❖ Event_In_Server
*1 join War
War reward:
5 Red Gift Pack
25 Platinum bar
300M EXP
War Time: 8pm ,9:15pm ,10:30pm
*2 c boss pak Yang (Map:207/202 Auto Spawn 5mn)
*3 dam pka
Reward ផ្កា៖ 40M,60M,100M,160M, 200M(ផ្ការស៊ីបាន200M EXPទើបបានBoxមួយហើយបើកបានJade Glory and Brilliant)
-យកផ្ការនិងទឹកក្នុង MEGA Online Tool។

❖ Item:
1-HS Gold
2-Jade Glory
3-HS Pearl
4-HS Stone
5- More in future
❖ Others
1-Red Gift Pack c ban EXP 100M and platinum bar
-បានមកពីc boss and join War
2-Jade Glory

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⇨ Mega Online : ABA Bank : 000221670
If You want donate me: ABA Bank : 002 373 497
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