What happens to your body when you are on Hills? Dr. Geetendra

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What happens to your body when you are on Hills or जब आप हिल्स पर होते हैं तो आपके शरीर का क्या होता है? Dr. Geetendra

????When it suddenly gets lesser oxygen, it naturally tries to compensate by trying to take in more oxygen. So your breathing becomes faster. Next, your body recognizes that there is lesser oxygen in your blood — so it compensates by increasing the quantity of oxygenated blood.

This means your heart starts pumping faster. Your pulse rate increases.

Third, your bone marrow, which is responsible for managing your blood count, starts producing more red blood cells. Red blood cells are the vehicles that carry around blood in your body. But having too many red blood cells is not good for you. They can cause a sort of traffic jam in your body. Think of the consistency of ketchup. That’s how your blood could become. It could also clot. Especially during times of inactivity.

Simply put, your blood becomes thicker.

Now, since both, your lungs and heart, are working harder than usual, your body tries getting rid of any excess baggage that it might be housing. It does this by getting rid of excess fluids — what it perceives as useless bodyweight.

This makes you urinate more often.


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