What TYPE of WITCH are you????? (Traditional, Wicca, Green, Cosmic...)????????‍♀️

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You ever wondered: AM I A WITCH? You can find the answer in this video, where I explain the types of witches I know, the differences between them and how to know if you're one.

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Being wicca or religious has nothing to do with being a witch. Wicca is a religion that includes witchcraft as a practice. But you can belong to any religion and belief system or even not belong to any of it and practice witchcraft or being a witch. Wicca was made popular by Gerald Gardner, but existed way before him.
Wicca is practiced in Coven but also as solitary, a coven is not mandatory for any of this type of witchcraft. Everything I state in my video comes from my experience and my understanding✨

Also: the term Witch is not gender associated, even though there are people who identify with the word wizard, a Witch can be referred to anyone that feels like such.

What I report is the folklore and traditions of witchcraft, not a remedy to your problems
I don't either sell or do spells for you.
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